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I am not glad, Fixed Matches, for my joblessness,

Fixed MatchesI like to get dressed and go out in the first part of the day to accomplish something significant,

and afterward return home toward the day’s end. In any case, sadly for me,

I couldn’t do that since, Fixed Matches,

Fixed Matches 100%, Fixed Win

I don’t have a formal occupation.

The facts confirm that sports wagering isn’t generally an occupation

yet it has been my sole wellspring of pay for some time now,

I don’t win constantly however on the normal, I do win frequently,

by one way or another, Fixed Matches,

it happens that I am bringing home

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the bacon from it in this way, for me, without an all day work,

wagering could too be my position right now,” Ejike clarified.

Checks by our journalist, Fixed Matches,

uncovered that Ejike is only one of

numerous jobless Nigerian young people who have held

onto sports wagering as a pastime, however as a methods for occupation.

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To this class of Nigerians, the movement, which for the most part

requires a significant portion of karma for one to flourish in it,

is a road to make a decent living.

For Sunday James, Fixed Matches, wagering was simply a

leisure activity when he was working

for another age business bank. Be that as it may,

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as he uncovered in a talk with Saturday PUNCH, he has come to

depend on the movement for, Fixed Matches,

money as far back as he was laid off

alongside some others when the bank scaled back.

With another activity no place in sight,

James considered wagering to be a pathway to monetary freedom.

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